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Promotion in Canada

The World Headquarters is proud to announce the promotion of Mr. Aram Haase to 5th Degree Black Belt.

The promotion was held on April 11, 2020, as part of the Taekwon-Do Birthday celebration held at the headquarters. Due to the COVID-19 virus, this was just close family in attendance.

Mr. Aram Haase is the oldest son of Grand Master Dafyd Haase, TITF Founding President. The self isolation due to the COVID-19 virus gave opportunity for a lot of one on one instruction.

Grand Master Haase stated he has never been more proud of his son than he is today. During his life Aram has beaten drug addiction and as surpassed all expectations. He is a rising star in the TITF and Grand Master Haase hopes one day his son will succeed him as TITF President.

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