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Structure Changes

Hello everyone. We would like to discuss the structure changes for 2020. First we have eliminated all the country and regional positions. We may eventually bring back a few administrative position, however it will be to long term trusted members only.

The problem we found was both politics forming in the way of people being selective on who was permitted to join in certain countries, etc, and corruption. The corruption was in the form of high ranking members leaving and taking portions of our membership with them. As leaders they would have access to records, etc. They then used those positions to advance others and ingratiate themselves with those members. Then at the point of their departure they would convince those people to go with them.

There are no pioneers here. People can come and go as they please. However you can not advance people without them earning it, and you certainly can not use your position to increase your influence and profits.

Therefore as of January 1, 2020 all schools and instructors will answer only to the headquarters. This eliminated all this at once. The system will be much cleaner and simpler now. If anyone has questions about this you can address them to the TITF President Grand Master Dafyd Haase. There shall be some new promotions for high ranks members very shortly. Please stay tuned for details.


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