Naebu Him-Do

내부 강도

(Art of Internal Strength)

This art was created on May 1, 2020 by Grand Master Dafyd Haase 9th Degree Black Belt in the art of Taekwon-Do. Naebu Him-Do was created for those students who could not learn traditional Taekwon-Do due to physical and mental barriers. The name translates to "art of internal strength".


Traditional Taekwon-Do uses traditional martial arts stances, kicks and punches in routines that can be very difficult to master if your body does not cooperate or if you have a mental disability.

Naebu Him-Do has taken techniques from arts such as Taekwon-Do, Choi Kwang Do, Hapkido and Karate and blended them into a modern system that can be adapted around the students needs and abilities. The art adapts around the student, rather than the student around the art. The blending creates a harmonious balance between what is required and what is needed.

As this system is very new, there will be continuous changes to the curriculum over the next few years. This system can be added to your current curriculum of Taekwon-Do to corner that market you could be missing. Elderly, disabled, special needs, this system has something for them all. We have listed the belt colours below with the average times required between ranks.

Rank                         Required Training

White Belt               2 Months

White Senior           2 Months

Yellow Belt              2 Months

Yellow Senior          2 Months

Gold Belt                 2 Months

Gold Senior             2 Months

Orange Belt            3 Months

Orange Senior        3 Months

Green Belt              3 Months

Green Senior          3 Months

Blue Belt                  3 Months

Blue Senior             3 Months

Purple Belt              4 Months

Purple Senior          4 Months

Red Belt                  4 Months

Red Senior              4 Months

Brown Belt              4 Months

Brown Senior          4 Months

1st Degree               1 Year                                                         National Instructor

2nd Degree             1.5 Years                                                     National Instructor

3rd Degree              2 Years                                                       Senior Instructor

4th Degree              3 Years                                                       International Instructor

5th Degree              3 Years                                                       Master Instructor

6th Degree              4 Years                                                       Senior Master

7th Degree              4 Years                                                       Grand Master

8th Degree              5 Years                                                       Senior Grand Master

9th Degree                                                                                   Supreme Grand Master

10th Degree                                                                                  Founder/President



White Belt:

Blocks: High Block, Low Block.

Punches: Front and rear hand straight punch.

Kicks: Front kick using forward and rear leg.

Tul: White Belt Form

White Belt Senior:

Blocks: Inward and outward side middle block

Punches: Front and rear cross

Kicks: Forward and rear front kick

Tul: White Belt Senior Form

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