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The Daily Battles We Face

Happy Taekwon-Do students sitting in class.

As modern day martial artists we face many battles or hurdles in life. Some are physical, like Grand Master Haase who recently had his left hip replaced, some are financial, and some are mental.

What we do to face this is not as important as how we face them. Never be scared of change. Change is the one constant in the universe. Never sacrifice your values for anyone or anything. These values are what make you who you are and the person you will want to become.

Always go the extra mile for your students. You never know how positive a change this will have on a student's life. Some face hurdles at home with unfit parents. In this circumstance you become the role model they needs. It is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Some face bullying at school and even at work. Stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves.

The modern look of Taekwon-Do practitioners.

The face of Taekwon-Do is changing. In the early years Taekwon-Do was a tough man's martial art. Now it has become a family oriented martial art, an art for everyone regardless of their background. This is mostly due to the efforts of Taekwon-Do's founder Choi Hong Hi, and a brave few masters.

In the end there is only one Taekwon-Do and it is not tied to any one system of techniques, styles of punching and kicking, but a way of life. When people ask you if you do Taekwon-Do how do you respond? True masters say they do not "do" Taekwon-Do, they live it. They are not "in" Taekwon-Do, Taekwon-Do is in them. Be a master at the art of life. Influence positive change in the world around you. Have indomitable spirit to stand up for what is right. Together we can change the world one life at a time. Taekwon!


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